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1With my many years of growing up from my very humble background , its crystal clear that from the words of Albert Einstein “ We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that create them” hence we must think outside the box and with the understanding of looking inward to find lasting solutions to the ever rising nations poverty. 
It is on this bases on that YESASAC was established because Nigeria at this point in time desperately needed a new generation of leaders who will pilot the needed transformation that Nigeria and Africa as continent needed . Nigeria need leaders who can envision the future we want, which is line with the Agenda 2063 but more importantly new generation visionary, leaders with ethical values that are driven by innovation for service to humanity.
We can all not do everything to solve all problems of mankind but that which I can do I will do with love understanding the fact that service to humanity is the best work of life. Napoleon Hill said and I quote “ It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed” Therefore if Africa must succeed as a continent we must from our small corner provide platform and opportunities for others to succeed.
This is the reason I sincerely want to thank all the staff , volunteers , partners ,promoters and the board of trustee of YESASAC for their continued support in finding Lasting solution to challenges of humanity. However with our vision and strategic focus , I am more convinced today , that in our life time, with your unrelenting support, we will continue to inspire, empower and equip a new generation of ethical, disciplined and innovative set of leaders who will transform Nigeria and Africa as a continent .
Thank you for believing in the vision of YESASAC and joining us on this journey to a better society!
Your labor of love, sacrifices and dedication will never be in vain!
May God almighty bless you

Precious Emovwodephia Adeho
Founder, YESASAC
Founder and CEO Emobella Engineering Nig Ltd