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YESASAC invests in continuous primary and secondary research on Leadership, Human capital intervention strategies for both individual and organization effectiveness , Youth employability and combating poverty in Africa. This research serves as the basis of its innovative curriculum and training programmes which are designed for personal, organizational and national transformation.
Leadership Programmes
YESASAC offers a range of training programmes for youth, entrepreneurs, managers and public officers. Areas of training include employability skills development, personal and organizational leadership , business ethics, Business development governance and organizational management.

YESASAC holds an annual global speakers academy to support and equip Leaders, Managers and business owners to build an effective communication skills because speakers are catalyst that accelerate both the performance engine of organizations and individual productivity, this is because research shows that with a boost in employee engagement and morale company profit .
LEAP holds an annual CEOs Forum to support SME development in Nigeria and equip business owners to build sustainable organizations. Launched in 2005, the CEOs Forum exposes business owners to the importance of planning for their succession and instituting effective systems and structures, and values within their organizations, to ensure long term sustainability.
YEFE PROJECT – Youth employability in Field of Engineering
Youth Employability in Field Engineering (YEFE) seek to annually contribute to the overall reduction of unemployable graduate students from the following field of engineering (electrical and mechanical engineering ).
The un-employability of most graduate from tertiary institutions is a measure factor contributor to unemployment rate in Nigeria, this is because most of the graduate role out each year does not have the required practical technical skills as required by employers of labour, let alone this graduate standing on their own to become entrepreneurs because the practical technical skill is not there and because most employer require already well baked technical man power to reduce training expenditure and maximise profit and also because practical engineering training are expensive this has placed us with a big question, are the youth employable ?
We have identified that in order to tackle this problem of un-employability in Nigeria, there is need to make available platform that will provide young graduate with practical training that will equip them with the hands on experience and thereafter on the job placement to practically do what has been learnt in their various field of profession.

This is a very special and confidential project that is been run by YESASAC, the main aim of this project is to Identify very special set of motherhood involved in commercial sex work and strip dancer, help them discover their true identity irrespective of what they have pass through in life. Provide them with positive mental shift platform using cognitive behavioural therapy to do away with the wrong way of life and become useful to themselves and the society. Provide them with capacity building and skill acquisition opportunities, empower them and follow up with them until they become change agent.

YESASAC – Focus deeply on wealth creation platform for young people (male and female) in both urban and rural area. The focus is more of people leaving in slums, providing them with skills acquisition opportunities to create wealth for themselves and for others. The skills include Tailoring, cake making , bead making , detergent production , paint making etc